Karate City students: Jim Saxton

Karate City My name is Jim Saxton. I'm a film actor, commercial actor, commercial print model. After a very long spiritual journey, I found this incredible karate classes for adults in New York City, inspiring karate school in Manhattan that I wanted to be a part of and I joined Karate City. And I think, I've been here for 6 weeks, but I'm already seeing big changes in my life spiritually, and I feel just kind of settling in my soul and it's through this physical process. And I know that when I leave Karate City, I feel this great sense of personal accomplishment. In my daily life, I find that I get caught up in the running and in the moving and kind of shaking around. And then the energy of the city of New York adds to my own personal chase and run, but when I come to Karate City and I leave, there is just something about this karate school on the upper west side that's helping my life to be synchronized even more and... that is only week 6!