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Toddler Classes NYC : With more than one child in a household, sibling rivalry can be a challenge for some parents. If your children are always fighting and bickering with each other, it can be tiring. Dealing with sibling rivalry can be hard on some families, but some things can help.


Why is there sibling rivalry among kids?


Adding another child to the family is a beautiful thing for many households. Expanding your family may be a great idea, but how will your existing children feel. While parents often think of another baby as a lifelong friend for their kid, it can lead to problems. Your child may feel that:


  • The new child is replacing them
  • They have competition
  • They will get less attention or love from you


Sometimes sibling rivalry is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting to build a positive relationship between siblings as early as possible will help. Helping them to learn to appreciate and help each other will be an excellent first step.


You can help each child learn to process their feelings in other ways. Don’t allow bickering or fighting with their brother or sister but promote conversation. Being able to talk about how they are feeling and what others are doing affects them helps. They will feel that they still matter, and if there is a problem, it will be resolved.


Tips for managing sibling rivalry


Some degree of competition between siblings is going to happen. But if the fighting and constating arguing are becoming too much, some things can help.


  • Empathize with feelings of unfairness but don’t agree with them
  • Discourage comparison or competition
  • Use games that require teamwork
  • Hand out roles or chores fairly – don’t base them on age or gender
  • Appreciate and praise each child individually
  • Set clear rules


Create a specific set of rules on how to treat each other; this is is essential. In the case of fighting or bullying, you can point out that the child is breaking the rules. A lot of tension between children can come from feelings of unfairness. You can discuss these feelings but don’t agree that it’s unfair.


In the kid’s karate classes at Karate City, each student learns to avoid comparison to others. Increasing self-motivation and achieving goals in karate lessons helps with their self-esteem. As your child gains confidence, they will have fewer feelings of sibling rivalry as a result. Toddler Classes NYC