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Shotokan Karate Dojo : Due to Karate being a diverse sport the martial art develops into different styles over the years. The different styles may look similar, but there are some fundamental differences. Kyokushin karate is a “hard” style of the sport. Allowing for full contact, this type of karate focuses on a more realistic style of unarmed combat.


History of Kyokushin karate


A substyle of karate, Kyokushin came from the Korean-Japanese founder Masutatsu Oyama. In 1964 he creates the form of the sport with a focus on hard training and self-improvement. By hand-picking instructors, Oyama consequently makes Kyokushin gain popularity. Each instructor becomes proficient in the new style and moves to a new town to open a dojo. Word spreads about the sport, and locals flock to the new dojos. Using this same formula, other international instructors move to their home countries to promote the sport.


The full-contact construction of this sport gains attention from many karatekas as a result. Gaining popularity over the years, Kyokushin has more than 12 million practitioners.


Kyokushin vs. Shotokan karate


There are similar elements in both styles of karate. Some of these are due to the founder of Kyokushin training in Shotokan. The main differences between Kyokushin and Shotokan karate are:




  • Hard style, full-contact karate
  • Minimal safety gear when sparring
  • Strikes focus on all parts of the body but not the head
  • Scoring in competition upon successful KO or knockdown of an opponent
  • Overall more focus on sparring




  • Light contact
  • Strikes focus on the upper body 
  • Focus on kata and technique
  • Scoring in competition for technique, control, and other factors
  • Full safety gear in competition or sparring


Kyokushin is a popular choice with advance practitioners in martial arts. The Shotokan style uses light or controlled contact; therefore, it is a safer form of karate. Igor Dyachenko is a master of Shotokan and knows it is the best type of karate for children. In the kid’s karate classes at his dojo, your child learns how to protect themselves adequately. Shotokan Karate Dojo