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Shoot Boxing NYC : Mixed Martial Arts



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Shoot Boxing NYC : In the world of martial arts, you will come across many different styles of sport. As a person masters skills, they will add their style. Because of this, martial arts has many differing disciplines. One of these is Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.


What is Mixed Martial Arts?


Mixed martial arts is a combat sport, so it allows full contact. It uses a variety of moves, including striking and grappling. Techniques from various combat styles and martial art forms are part of the sport. Competitions of mixed-style combat have been going on around the world since the 1900s.

CV Productions was the first organization to create a regulated MMA League in the US. In 1993, the UFC MMA Promotion company came into existence and became one of the most widely recognized MMA events. Action-packed fights with fierce competitors made MMA part of mainstream sports entertainment.


MMA rules


Initially, the sport of MMA has very loose standards, and so has a brutal reputation. With a perception of seemingly no rules whatsoever, the style has to change to become a legitimate sport. One of the regulations that came into effect was weight classes. There are nine weight classes in MMA, starting with Flyweight up to Super Heavyweight.


Competitions take place in a ring or fenced fighting area. The rules of UFC state that a ring should have a minimum of six sides. If the fighting area has a fence, it needs to be an eight-sided cage. The fights also have a time limit and number of rounds. Usually, an MMA fight has three rounds lasting 5 minutes. But for the championship MMA fights, there are five rounds of 5 minutes.


There are several ways that a fighter can win an MMA fight:


  • Victory by stoppage – the fighter can no longer defend themselves, or the doctor stops the fight
  • Submission – either by an opponent tapping out or saying out loud that they quit
  • Knockout – an opponent may lose consciousness, or it can be a technical knock out such as a forfeit or disqualification


MMA fighter rankings


A fighter has a ranking that takes into account their performance and also results in competition. There are a variety of ranking systems with some of the most popular being:


  • Fight Matrix – top 250-500 fighters in the world across every division
  • SB Nation – top 14 male fighters
  • UFC – top 15 competitors signed to the UFC


The full-contact style of MMA is more combative so it’s not usually appropriate for a young child. A low-impact martial art is ideal as a starting point. Igor Dyachenko teaches children’s karate because it is an excellent sport for any age group. The many benefits of the sport, such as self-defense, confidence-building, and improvements in health, are great for children. Shoot Boxing NYC