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Shinkyokushin NYC : Bullying can take many forms, not just physical but also emotional ways too. Whether your child is the target of a bully or bullying others, stepping in early is essential. 


What is bullying?


You may think of bullying as physically causing harm, but it can happen in different ways. Children may tease each other, but bullying is more serious. It can be:


  • Spreading nasty stories or rumors
  • Ignoring a child or always leaving them out of activities
  • Taking things from other children
  • Teasing constantly
  • Name-calling or saying mean things
  • Pushing or hitting other children


Bullying can happen in school, but it can also occur online. If you think your child is experiencing bullying or bullying others, do something about it.


What to do if your child is a bully


Firstly, you must make it clear that any type of bullying behavior is not acceptable. Sit down with your kid and explain that they must stop what they are doing. You can explain what bullying is and try to get them to tell why they are doing it. You can listen and get them to talk, but don’t assign blame.


Try to make them see how their behavior is affecting others. A good way is to ask them how they would feel if someone was bullying them. Work with your child’s school and try to find out why they are bullying others. Are they experiencing it, so they do the same to others?


If your child continues to bully other kids after you have done these things, you can try counseling. The school may be able to refer you to someone that can help.


What to do if your child is being bullied


If you think your child is the target of a bully, talk to them about it. Sometimes children feel embarrassment or shame and might find it challenging to discuss. Sit with them, remain calm, and let them talk. Encourage and praise them for talking about it. Let them know that what is happening is not their fault and not because of anything they are doing.


Take bullying seriously and discuss the problem with the school. They will be able to monitor the issue and so prevent future occurrences. You might want to confront the bully’s parents, but it is best to let the school handle it.


You can help your child to avoid bullying with these tips:


  • Use a buddy system
  • Avoid the bully 
  • Do not react to the bully
  • Walk away and ignore them
  • Tell an adult


Involving your child in activities such as karate can be very beneficial. They will be more confident and will learn to respect others as a result. The skills karate offers include self-defense so your child will be able to protect themselves when they need to. Shinkyokushin NYC