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Self Defense Upper West Side : When teaching karate, we provide guidance on all aspects of martial arts, including nutrition. No two people are the same, and consequently, a one diet fits all approach won’t work. At Karate City, we treat everyone as an individual because this is the best way for success.


Best nutrition and diet for karateka


Karate is a physically demanding sport, and because of this, it is essential to fuel the body properly. What your child eats not only impacts their performance in class but can also affect their concentration. Foods with high sugar content are generally best to avoid. Too much sugar can affect many systems of the body. It can lead to health problems, such as diabetes, later in life.


As a general rule, more raw fruit and vegetables eaten daily will result in better overall health. Packing in those vegetables helps to add more fiber, nutrients, and vitamins. All of those extra vegetables will provide antioxidants as well as provide plenty of energy.


A heavy diet containing fast food or fried foods can make your child feel sluggish. This can lead to them not having the energy to participate fully in class. Our instructors can help with advice on how to incorporate a healthier diet for your child.


Igor’s diet for success


Igor has been competing at the highest levels for many years. He has come to an understanding that the diet a fighter follows is just as important as their training schedule. Over 25 years of experimenting with food gave Igor insights into the best karate diet.


A rigorous training schedule and listening to what his body needs, has led to Igor adopting a vegan diet. As he was training so hard, he began researching the best nutrition. By studying physiology and learning how the plant-based diet works on human biology, Igor found this his best solution. He follows the raw vegan plan for around 95% of his food. Choosing organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts has been the best fuel for long periods of intense training in his experience.


Our instructors can provide helpful advice and tips on adopting a nutritious diet. Providing the body everything it needs for the physical demands of karate training is essential. Self Defense Upper West Side