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Self Defense Midtown East : You may have heard of visualization but might not know why it is useful. You can physically do an activity but using visualization techniques can also help. Particularly valuable for martial arts, this technique helps assist with karate training.


Using visualization in karate


The concept of visualization has been around for a long time. It is nothing new; however, not many people know how useful it can be in karate. Karateka that uses both visualization and physical training finds that it helps improve skills. There are several methods that people use for this technique, but some fundamental methods include:

  • Plan your visualization – decide what it is you want to work through so your mind focuses on that.
  • Relax – whatever position is most comfortable, use this for the practice.
  • Add details – imagining yourself in a particular situation works best if you apply lots of detail. Imagine the world entirely with sights, sounds, touch, and smells.
  • Finish – as you complete the exercise in your mind wind up the visualization and come out of it.

As with many things, it takes practice to perfect visualization. Making it part of regular Karate training is a good way of sharpening skills.


Visualization exercises for karate


There are numerous benefits to visualization in karate. Imagining yourself performing a specific ritual or fight can help get you to get into the right mindset. You can help your child practice visualization at home; some useful scenarios to use are:

  • Kata – kid’s karate classes include kata, a pattern of movements. They can practice these visually at any time. Encourage them to feel the matt beneath their feet. Enacting the moves in their mind with perfect stance and position will help in class.

Belt grading – before a grading test for a new belt, your child can use visualization. Running through the test and passing in their minds-eye will put them in a positive mood. It can also help to reduce nerves before the belt grading because they already imagine a positive outcome.

  • Sparring – if your child begins to compete or fight, they can visualize strategies to help win a match. Going through tactics beforehand helps them with quick thinking while in competition.

Igor Dyachenko knows that success in karate is not just about the physical but also mental training. In Karate City, we give our students the tools to achieve their goals. Self Defense Midtown East