Self Defense Manhattan : How to defend in karate ?
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Self Defense Manhattan: Igor Dyachenko’s knowledge


Self Defense Manhattan : Defense is a critical skill to learn, and effective defense comes from learning three concepts. To learn how to defend in karate, your children will learn blocks, distancing, as well as how to keep guard.


Karate blocks


There are many different blocks that you can use to defend in karate. Firstly, your child will learn each technique and for what attack we use it to defend.


Here we list the blocks along with their Japanese names:


  • Augmented block – Morote-Uke
  • Downward block – Gedan-Barai
  • Inward/inside block – Uchi-Uke
  • Knife hand block – Shuto-Uke
  • Palm heel block – Teisho-Uke
  • Middle-level block – Chudan-Uke
  • Outside block – Soto-Uke
  • Rising block – Age-Uke
  • Scoop block – Sukui-Uke
  • Shin block – Sune-Uke
  • X block – Juji-Uke




Firstly, your kids will learn that keeping a certain distance can give them an advantage. If your child’s opponent were taller, then your child will want a closer distance. This will put your child inside the range of the opponent’s long attacks and neutralize the advantage of being tall.


If your child has a short opponent, then they will learn to keep a longer distance. Here then can use their long striking techniques, without coming into range of their opponent’s attacks. Your child will learn both styles of distancing because they will encounter opponents that are shorter and taller than them.


Keeping guard


The guard, or kamae, has many variations in karate. A proper guard in karate is just as crucial as any strike or move. So, the guard protects you against an opponent and makes their attacks less effective. In class, your child will learn the different karate guards as well as their uses.

A chest-level block uses one hand as the lead, and it extends out at face height. The other hand is level with the elbow of the lead hand. Distances of the hands from the body remain the same but the height of the hands’ change with match tactics. Self Defense Manhattan