What is Seido Karate : How to create stunts using karate ?
What is Seido Karate



What is Seido Karate : Igor Dyachenko’s knowledge



What is Seido Karate : Karate uses many methods and moves that look visually exciting. Because of this, creating stunts using karate is very popular. You may have seen a demonstration in a dojo, and so you will have been watching karate stunts.


Breaking boards in karate


One of the most famous stunts in karate is breaking boards or bricks. It is an incredible show of strength, so it is a regular move in demonstrations. During karate demos, you will see masters display their amazing skills, but one that everyone loves is breaking.


While it is an exciting move, there are lots of reasons that martial artists break boards. These include:


  • Target practice – it is a way of focusing all power into one particular spot, so it helps with accuracy
  • Increase strength – breaking bricks and boards in karate makes the body adapt to stress and become stronger
  • Measuring force – the power to break boards is a good measure of how strong a karateka can strike


It is an incredibly impressive feat to see someone smash through bricks, but it is not something to play with. Only those with advanced skills and training do these types of karate stunts.


Karate stunts in movies


The movie industry uses stunts in lots of scenes. It doesn’t just have to be martial arts films because even basic stunts require specific skills. A lot of stuntmen in Hollywood have training in karate or other martial arts. Fight scenes look impressive on camera, but there is a lot of work behind them.


Learning to fall correctly and carry out complicated moves safely comes naturally to masters of karate. It’s advisable to anyone looking to get into the stunt industry to study a martial art. The conditioning and skills of karate are excellent preparation for stunt work.


Don’t worry that your children will start to smash stuff at home because they attend kid’s karate classes. At Karate City, we teach them to use their skills responsibly. Breaking boards and creating stunts using karate is only for people with the most extensive training. What is Seido Karate