After school enrichment program NYC : Karate versus Taekwondo
After school enrichment program NYC



After school enrichment program NYC : Martial arts comparison series



After school enrichment program NYC : Karate and Taekwondo are two of the most popular martial arts in the world. Both are excellent for self-defense and also deliver many physical and mental benefits. Take part, and you will build muscle, burn calories, improve dexterity, and excel at school or work.


At the outset, beginners will learn the same set of fundamental skills and moves. This overlap will see you or your children learn about discipline, patience, and respect. All of this occurs while giving your body a healthy workout.


So, how does karate compare to Taekwondo?


The differences between karate and Taekwondo



Karate has Chinese and Japanese influences, while Taekwondo has influences from Korean. Just like a house, these two martial arts provide a strong foundation. Upon this foundation, each adds a variety of specialized rooms (techniques).


In the case of karate, these particular techniques put a focus on hand techniques. The power of your legs will back up these hand techniques. Taekwondo puts an emphasis on kicks, including jumping and spinning kicks, with hands in use as a secondary tool.


Variations of stances, blocks, punching techniques, kicking techniques, and form all individualize one martial art from the other. We only need to think of the karate chop to demonstrate this.


The differences between Taekwondo and karate are also evident in competition. Combatants in karate earn equal points for hand and leg techniques. In Taekwondo, kicks earn more points than punches. If you wish to see this in motion, then you can watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Karate will appear and attract a great deal of attention.


If you want to get fit with a martial art, then karate will give you a better full-body workout. After school enrichment program NYC