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After School Activities Upper East Side : Several situations may lead to feeling nervous or anxious, before grading, for example. At Karate City, we use a full program to teach all aspects of karate. An essential part of training is focus and remaining calm. Whether sparring, grading or competing, there are various things we use to maintain calm in karate.


Overcoming nerves in karate


In kid’s karate classes, there will be minimal sparring initially, but there will be belt gradings. As your child develops their skills in martial arts, they can attain different belts. When they are ready to move on to the next belt color, they will take a belt grading test. These times can bring on nerves for many reasons. They want to do well, not disappoint their instructor or fear failure.


As they gain experience, they will start to spar with other students and may look to move into karate competition. Combat itself can make a person nervous as well as the pressure to win or overcome their opponent.


We use several different methods that help maintain calm and prevent nerves before a karate belt grading. If your child is competing and feels anxious, we have various tools that can help.


Some of the most effective methods for overcoming nerves in karate include:


  • Relaxation techniques – Using breathing exercises or simply sitting quietly and relaxing can help to calm the mind.
  • Visualization – Taking a moment to imagine how success will feel and tactics that can be useful in the match.
  • Affirmation – Repeating a positive phrase will bring on a positive mindset and help dispel negative thoughts.
  • Mindfulness – A lot of anxiety comes from anticipating what might happen. Bringing the mind to the present has a calming effect.


Why it’s essential to be calm in karate


Sparring and competition require a lot of attention and focus. An anxious mind is not able to fully concentrate on what is happening. When we do not focus entirely on our opponent, it is more likely that we will not win. If the mind is tense, it can lead to the muscles of the body tensing also. Tension in the muscles can make it more challenging to execute strikes properly and lead to injury.


If your child is about to go for a belt grading, they may feel the need to train more. Overtraining can have a negative impact, such as sore muscles or an injury before the belt test. The instructors at Karate City help students to find the right balance of training for a belt grade test.

Igor Dyachenko knows that karate is about the mind as well as the body. Mindfulness and focus is part of the program in the kid’s karate class program he uses. The ability to maintain calm that your child adopts in karate class will help in all parts of their life. After School Activities Upper East Side