After School Activities UES : How to motivate yourself for karate ?
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After School Activities UES : Trying new things can be exciting and fun. Kid’s karate classes will be a great new activity for your child. Learning new things will engage them, but how do you keep their motivation. Some kids go from one after school activity to another, and it can be hard to keep them interested. You may be wondering about how to motivate your kids or yourself in karate. Here we take a look at some of the best ways to keep motivation in karate training.


How to maintain motivation in karate


If your child has been attending karate classes keeping their interest can sometimes be challenging. At Karate City, we promote the primary principals of karate. As your child progresses in the class, they will naturally begin to adopt these traits. One of the things they will learn is focus, and this helps keep their motivation to learn.


Many things motivate us, and these can be external factors or internal ones. External motivating factors include things such as gaining a certain belt rank or winning a tournament. Focusing on these types of goals can be detrimental. If your kid has all of their attention on one goal, they may start to lose interest as a result. 


For this reason, we promote internal motivation as part of the class. Some of the factors that help to motivate yourself in karate include:


  • Training to improve yourself
  • Not comparing progress with other people
  • Compete against yourself
  • Aiming to do better than you did before


Keeping kids motivated in karate


Some children find it challenging to maintain focus. Their minds can jump from one thing to another, and consequently give up on individual activities. Karate training for children helps to increase their concentration. We teach them to only look at themselves. By comparing themselves to someone else, they limit their potential due to only aiming for someone else’s level. Each training session is a new opportunity to excel in previous learning.


We encourage each student to identify their weaknesses and work to improve these. The sense of achievement becomes the motivating factor rather than a belt or trophy. By competing with ourselves and looking to improve, practice and training become a natural routine as a consequence.


Igor Dyachenko knows that by encouraging this attitude, your child will want to continue to train. There is no set finish line because there is always work to do. After School Activities UES