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After School Activities Midtown East : Striking in karate requires power and control, and this comes with proper training. During kid’s karate classes, your child will get lots of great exercises. Training may happen in the dojo, but a variety of activities can be done between classes. Here we take a look at how to train the back for karate and which exercises are best.


Training the back for karate


Adding exercise between the karate lessons your child attends will help with overall strength and conditioning. The back is essential for many reasons. Firstly, as part of the core of the body, the back helps with balance in karate. Secondly, a strong core helps prevent injury during training. Lastly, a strong back adds power to strikes making them more effective.


Some of the best exercises for back training in karate include:


  • Pull-ups – these are an excellent choice for helping in karate training because they build strength in the upper back. It can be a challenge to do a pull-up in the beginning. Some easier progression moves are best for kids. Negative pull-ups or jump pulls are an excellent way to start. Start by standing on a platform or jumping up to the bar and then lowering down slowly. Beginning this way builds up strength to move on to a full pull-up.
  • Superman – lay on the floor on your stomach and lift arms and legs off the floor. Hold the position for as long as possible and look forward. Lower arms and legs back down slowly and repeat.
  • Bridge – lay on the back with the knees bent and feet on the floor. Raising the pelvis as high as possible engages the back muscles and holding in place increases strength. 
  • Plank – the core becomes engaged in a plank position. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for strengthening the lower back muscles. There are many variations of this move, including forearm planks and the more challenging plank leg raises.


Safe training for back muscles


Training the body in various challenging moves is a highly effective way of building strength. However, the exercises need to have the correct form. Because of this, our instructors provide tips and guidance on doing back exercises properly. Once your child becomes familiar with the training, they can continue with additional practice at home.


Igor Dyachenko knows that karate training is a fantastic activity for children. The kid’s karate classes he offers provide your child with everything they need to know. They will learn the primary principals of karate and gain confidence in the process. After School Activities Midtown East