Programs for 2 year olds Midtown West : Karate versus Kenpo
Programs for 2 year olds Midtown West



Programs for 2 year olds Midtown West : Martial arts comparison series


Programs for 2 year olds Midtown West : Parents often do not know which martial art to select for their child. You may not know which is best and which teaches the most valuable lessons. Here we compare karate with Kenpo to help you make a choice.


The origins of karate are in Japan, while Kenpo has Chinese roots and influences. Sometimes known as Kenpo Karate, the term means Fist Method or Fist Law. Kenpo students use kicks less often than karateka, and these tend to target only the lower body.


Kenpo students practice more sparring, wear a black uniform or Gi, and learn about modern-day street fighting. Rapid stance transitions include both circular and linear motion. Students train the subconscious to move and react automatically, and karate instills the same virtues.


American Kenpo has differing concepts of movement and philosophies. Also, the terminology is different from traditional Kenpo.


How Kenpo differs from Shotokan Karate


Beginners learn a core of fighting techniques, but as experience grows, students specialize in only one area of fighting. This might mean mastering knife fighting techniques, neck cranks, throws, or knee and elbow techniques. In Shotokan Karate, a complete and continued education in all methods remains in focus.


People in specific careers may benefit from the focus put on only one aspect. For example, law enforcement personnel can learn holds, stick techniques, and locks, useful to this career. Teachings include wisdom such as every block is a strike and every strike is a block.

Karate and Kenpo have many similarities, including stability, flow, speed, power, timing, awareness, and balance. Karate also adds a focus on discipline, respect, self-esteem, confidence, and health. All of these are ideal for developing a child into a productive member of the community. Programs for 2 year olds Midtown West