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Private Karate : The dojo can feel like an intimidating environment for your child, particularly in their first few lessons. One question your children will undoubtedly have is how to line up in karate.


This is only one question surrounding etiquette that your child will likely have. Other questions, along with how do I line up, includes when do I bow, and when can I ask questions. The karate instructor will outline all of the answers to these questions during the introductory class.


Why karate etiquette exists


This is an excellent point for parents to understand. Karate is much more than just learning self-defense. Karate promotes an atmosphere of respect and polite behavior, traits any parent will want their kids to display. Learning good manners is one of the many reasons why parents choose karate for their children.


Lining up in karate


The karate class begins with a formal line up. The most senior student initializes the line-up. This student sets the line. Other students line up to the senior student’s left and in order of diminishing rank. The line up may result in more lines behind the first line.


Your child may have the same rank as other karate students. If this is the case, then the student with the longest time of training goes first. But, what happens if your child doesn’t know who has the most extended length of training?


Your child should follow this rule if they are unsure of where they should stand. They should stand with other students of the same belt. Be humble, and stand in the position of least seniority. Your child may have been to a karate lesson at a different school. Here they should be aware that different dojos have different rules.


Igor Dyachenko firmly believes that karate can become the foundation of your child’s development. Karate teaches many good behaviors such as respect, self-discipline, problem-solving, and goal setting, as well as focus. Private Karate