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Oyama Karate NYC : You will undoubtedly have heard the term martial art. You will have a vision, opinion, and general understanding of what a martial art is. However, you might not know what actually defines a martial art.


What we class as a martial art is always changing. The world is changing, and so do martial arts. Much of this comes down to purpose and what you want to do with the skills that you learn.


Generally, a martial art is anything where the aim of the activity is to improve your self-defense. Ancient martial arts come from countries such as Japan and China, as well as Korea. These arts train in techniques for self-defense, attack, and combat while deterring the use of violence.


When you think of martial arts, styles such as Karate, judo, kendo, and jiu-jitsu will come to mind. The origins of these styles can date back thousands of years. However, you may not realize that the term martial art first appeared in history in Europe during the 1550s.


The phrase martial arts derives from the Latin word. This translates into arts of Mars, with Mars being the Roman god of war.


Why people study martial arts


Firstly, you might want to consider martial arts for many different reasons. You may want to learn martial arts for self-defense. This is also a significant reason for parents wishing to enroll their children in a sport like karate.


Further reasons include spiritual development and meditation, and for mental or physical fitness. You might be excited to test your skills in competition. Or maybe you want to show off your skills through performing kata and choreographed sequences of moves.


Other people learn martial arts as part of their military or law enforcement training. However, you might be considering learning martial arts because it is part of your culture.


Many martial arts developed as empty hand techniques that included unarmed strikes. Here you will learn punching, kicking, throwing, pinning, chokeholds, submissions, and joint locks. Your chosen martial art may also include grappling and a mix of ground fighting and stand-up fighting.


Some sports that we recognize as martial arts in our modern times include armed stick fighting and swordsmanship.


Do you want to check if your sport is a real martial art? Then you should look for the following three traits:


  • Movement – Do the training and exercises develop techniques for executing defense strategies?
  • Thinking – Is greater awareness, strategy, and philosophy part of the teachings?
  • Objective – Does your sport have a purpose such as defense, attack, competition, combat, survival, or hunting?

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