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Modern Martial Arts Upper East Side : Karate is a sport with an extensive history. As people became masters in the martial arts, new styles begin to develop. You may think of karate as one thing, but there are actually different styles. Each of the forms has differences to the others. So, how different can karate be?


Karate styles


Each master of karate brings their own style to the sport. Past masters would adapt the various strikes and moves, so the form of karate changes. There are many styles of martial arts, but there are some karate styles that are more popular than others.


Most popular karate styles are:


  • Goju-Ryu
  • Kyokushin
  • Shotokan
  • Wado-Ryu


  • Goju-Ryu – Japanese for hard-soft style, this karate comes from the origins of the sport in Okinawa. It uses a combination of both hard, closed hand techniques and soft, open hand circular movements. There are 12 forms of kata, so a student must know all of these.
  • Kyokushin – a hard style of karate with the form of stand up fighting. Hard training and self-improvement are the core principles of this sport. Three elements exist in the practice. Firstly, technique, secondly forms, and lastly sparring. The hard, full-contact style of sparring has made this popular among fighters at the top level in karate.
  • Shotokan – a prevalent form of karate; this style uses light contact and is one of the safer forms. A student initially learns the basics of the movements. Secondly, forms and patterns, or kata, are part of the training. As a karateka advances in Shotokan, they will move onto sparring.
  • Wado-Ryu – this sport establishes itself with emphasis on not just striking but also with throws and joint locks. There is a focus on harmony in this karate form, so pacifism is a big part. It teaches that brute strength is not always the answer, but yielding can be useful.


Karate City Shotokan karate


In our kid’s karate classes in Karate City, we teach Shotokan karate. As a light contact form of martial arts, it is one of the best karate styles for children. The principles of respect, humility, and self-discipline are excellent lessons for kids.

In our karate lessons, we teach more than just the strikes and moves of karate. We teach about the respectful way we must use our skills. Having the skills of self-defense helps with overall confidence. Karate is not just about physical fitness but also personal growth. Modern Martial Arts Upper East Side