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Modern Martial Arts Tribeca : There are more than 170 different martial arts, giving adults and children a considerable choice.


The popularity of martial arts as a whole is growing, in many ways thanks to TV and film. Martial artists Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Igor Dyachenko, and Steven Seagal have all been part of this. Female martial artists also inspire many girls. Early on, Cynthia Rothrock was an inspiration, while most recently, Ronda Rousey has caught the attention of many.


With all of this choice, it can be overwhelming for some. You can narrow down your selection by considering the most popular. So, what are the most popular martial arts?


Karate is the world’s most popular martial art


Karate is the most popular martial art in the world. Firstly, karate has lots of aspects, and this is why it is so popular and beneficial. This martial art promotes self-defense over violence, and spiritual and mental growth, as well as childhood development. After all, Gichin Funakoshi, the Father of Modern Karate, describes its purpose as to perfect the self.


The techniques of karate include open hand techniques, punches, kicks, and counter-strikes. If you have a child of 2.5-years of age, a teenager, or yourself at any age, then you can join. Karate will be part of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, so now is a great time to start.


Best of the rest of the most popular martial arts


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen a surge of interest thanks to the TV coverage of UFC and Bellator. This is a hybrid style of combat encompassing techniques from numerous martial arts. Some people recognize Bruce Lee and as the creator of MMA. This is because Jeet Kune Do takes moves from Kung Fu, wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, and Jiu-Jitsu.


Other martial arts that feature high in popularity include:


    • Kung Fu (from China)
    • Judo (the first martial art to be part of the Olympics)
    • Taekwondo (another martial art in the Olympics)


  • Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Aikido
  • Krav Maga



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