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MMA UWS : The world of martial arts gives you so many benefits. Everything from better fitness to increases in confidence and mental well-being. So you have chosen to start a new sport but which is the best martial art? The answer to the question will change depending on what you are looking for. Here we take a look at some of the best martial arts according to different requirements.


Best martial arts for fitness


Taking part in any physical activity regularly will help with overall fitness. Martial arts have some demanding moves, but which one is best for getting fitter. Here are some of the best martial arts for fitness:


Muay Thai


Muay Thai is a combat sport with a focus on stand-up striking and clinches. Thai boxing uses strikes with the elbows, fists, shins, and knees. Training in this martial art involves a lot of physical conditioning. Rigorous workouts and sparring make this a superb choice for anyone that wants to get fit.


Mixed Martial Arts


As the name suggests, Mixed Martial Arts uses techniques from various styles. Training and mastering these different moves is very physically demanding. Emphasis on agility and strength but also lots of conditioning make this a top martial art for fitness.




The total body workout that karate classes provide makes this a superb choice for fitness. Many steps and movements require excellent mobility, stamina, and strength. Consistent training in karate improves co-ordination, cardiovascular efficiency, and fitness levels.


Best martial arts for self-defense


If you have concerns about self-protection, a martial arts program is ideal. You will learn moves that will aid in defending yourself but also disarming and controlling an attacker. Some of the most effective martial arts for self-defense include:


  • Taekwondo – prioritizes kicks so you can keep an attacker away
  • Aikido – lots of wrist locks and throws
  • Shotokan karate – powerful punches and kicks as well as control


Best martial arts for kids


Some parents have concerns that taking part in martial arts encourages kids to fight, but the opposite is true. Training increases self-confidence, and there are lessons on control. Training this way means your child is less likely to fight outside of the class as a result.


Top martial arts for kids include:


Kung Fu


Training in kung fu is popular with children. The sport is physically demanding while also promoting a sense of calm. Excellent for active children, this sport instills discipline to focus and patience.




The teachings in karate are excellent for children. Self-control and learning to improve oneself are the focus of the sport. Your child will learn how to set goals and work towards them. The high level of activity is great for burning excess energy.




A big focus is on the competition, so this is an excellent sport for kids that want to compete. The moves are visually entertaining. Each class encourages the students to try something new so that they will hold their interest.


In Karate City, the kid’s karate lessons promote the core principals of the sport. When attending class, your child will learn about self-improvement and focus. Instructors can provide individual attention, so everyone gets the most out of the lessons. MMA UWS