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MMA Upper West Side : Learning new things can be challenging, and the kata in karate can have many moves. So, how can we make it easier to learn these techniques? Some people can pick things up quickly, but others may not. There are some tips and tricks for learning kata faster. Here we take a look at some of those tips and why they work.


Learn kata faster – tips and tricks


When you are trying a new kata, the instructor will take you through the various elements. You will practice these in class to help memorize them. While some of these new routines will be quick and easy, some are longer. So how can you make it easier to learn kata?


Simplify the routine – There are many small details and intricate techniques to learn, but these come later. Firstly, break down the routine to basic moves. Secondly, practice these until you have them in your head. Once you have the necessary steps, you can add more power and technique.


Film the kata – You can help your child master the kata they have been practicing in a class by filming it. Recreate the kata at home while it is still fresh. Film the routine from different angles. As you now have the method on a video, you can rewatch it many times. Every time you watch the routine, you are putting it in your memory.


Use visualization – We can sometimes become stuck in detail and find physical practice frustrating. A great way to reinforce the new kata is to visualize it. See yourself performing the kata. Some people either see it as a spectator or from their point of view. Try both ways so you can see what works best for you.


A technique that may be difficult at first but gets easier with practice. It is like training without physically doing it. Replaying the routine in your mind and seeing yourself doing helps with memorization.


Practice makes perfect


Using these various techniques will help to cement the moves into your mind. These tips will help, but training is also essential. Find the time to practice the routine whenever you can. Repetition is key; it helps with muscle memory and getting the kata into your mind.


At Karate City, we make learning fun. In our kid’s karate classes, we provide all of the tools your child will need for success in the sport. Our instructors use the latest teaching methods to help each student progress. Your child will learn new things, gain self-confidence, and become more fit as a result. MMA Upper West Side