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MMA UES : Nervousness can happen for a number of reasons. If you have a competition or belt grading coming up you may experience nerves. Some anxious feelings are normal but what do you do if it gets too much? 


Sometimes that nervous anticipation is a good thing as it sharpens the senses. But too much anxiety can actually have a negative effect on your performance. Here we explore how you can overcome nerves in karate.


Overcoming nerves in karate


A feeling of nervousness can be common in certain circumstances. For example, if you are about to take a belt test or fight in a competition. The reason you feel this way can be because of fear of failure. You may have concerns about people watching or judging you.

The first thing to do is to recognize that this is a common thing. Everyone has some level of anxiety before significant events. You work hard to get to this point, so it is natural to feel some pressure. When you realize it’s a healthy thing, you can find ways to deal with it. Here are some of the best ways to deal with nerves in karate:


Change negative self-talk


Many times the nerves will be coming from negative things you are telling yourself. Listening to your inner conversation will help you identify and change the narrative. So if you say yourself, you are going to fail, and people will laugh, shift that conversation.

If you allow yourself to listen to the negatives all the time, you will start to believe it’s true. You have the power to change your thinking, so taking this step will help with anxiety. Think through those negatives. Why do you think you will fall the test? You haven’t fallen while practicing those steps in the last two months, so why will it happen now? Remind yourself of the work you have put in and focus on the moment.


Positive reinforcement


Your practice and training are what prepares you for these events. An instructor will only put you through a belt grading when they know you are ready. The teacher will watch your training in class and see that you can pass a belt test. You are ready and remind yourself of this.

If you are heading into a competition, you deserve to be there. Your karate instructor will know that you have the skills to be successful. So if the teacher knows it, you can keep this in mind as you enter the fight. Keep repeating to yourself that you are ready because you belong where you are right now.


Be mindful


Allowing your mind to run away with what if’s is not helpful. Bring your attention to the moment and focus on now. Before the event, close your eyes and practice the moves. Imagine yourself going through the techniques, thinking only about the steps. If you start a negative inner talk, bring yourself back to the task.

At the kid’s karate classes in Karate City, we provide a full program. Techniques on dealing with nerves, improving focus, and achieving goals are all part of the training. Igor Dyachenko creates an environment that promotes success without comparing yourself to others. MMA UES