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MMA NY : Balance is an essential element of karate training. Kicks, especially more advanced ones, require a lot of stability. During kid’s karate classes, some drills will help balance, but other practice at home can help too. Here we explore the different techniques available so you can improve balance.


Karate balance exercises


In class, your child will do various moves that help build a stable foundation and a strong core. We do these moves because karate kicks require balance and stability. There will be lots of things during class that will promote balance, but you can also practice at home.


Some no-equipment balance exercises for karate include:


Air kicks

Kicking a bag or other heavy target is excellent for adding strength to moves but doesn’t always help with balance. Practicing kicks without a target, or doing air kicks, is excellent for this. Because there is no bag to stop you, if you get off balance, it forces you to concentrate more. The focus is on the technique and flow of the kick instead of making it as powerful as possible.


One-legged moves

Training on one leg at a time is a great karate balance training technique. It makes any moves more difficult as you have to remain stable on only one leg. You can do exercises such as leg swings, pistol squats, or some yoga moves like tree pose.


Agility training

Drills that involve quick movements to change direction or crossing the feet are ideal. You can choose skater jumps, mirror drills, or lateral jumps to help with stability and increase agility.


Other balance improvement exercises for karate


Karate Kid training

Make balance practice fun with this move from the Karate Kid movie. In the movie, this move requires a wooden pole to stand on. But for safety, you want to simply pick a spot on the floor, to reduce the risk of possible injury. Try to do a jumping front kick. After the kick, you need to land back on the same spot.


Bosu ball training

A Bosu ball looks like a ball cut in half. You can use the flat or curved side and execute moves while trying to remain balanced on the ball. It is an excellent training tool because it helps increase core strength and stability.


Balance boards

Balance boards or wobble boards are a useful tool for karate balance training. The board has a central cylinder or wobble point. You will have to work to remain stable on the board as you do your practice. Each movement will require you to restabilize yourself, so it’s excellent for increasing balance.


Why balance is vital in karate

Balance training is an essential element of karate. It will help to avoid falls during more technical kicks. A balanced body can generate more power, so kicks and punches become more effective. Increasing balance also helps prevent possible injury during sparring or competition.

Igor Dyachenko has been practicing karate for many years and knows the benefits that balance brings. Karate City kid’s karate classes help with strength and conditioning. We use techniques that make learning fun and will give your child the necessary tools to achieve their goals. MMA NY