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MMA New York : Developing punching power is essential for self-defense and offense. Here we take a look at how to increase your punching power.


Through your karate training, you will learn that there are many different elements of a punch. Timing, speed, reflexes, and coordination all play a part in generating punching power. The goal is to transfer as much energy as possible, from your body into your target.


Even if you already have a good punch, the karate mindset understands that there is always room to grow. If you strive to get better, then you will increase the power of your punches.


Increasing the power of your punches


Here are the ways you can increase your punching power:


Avoid muscle rigidity and tension – Be careful not to tense up when you punch. This will cause you to lose speed and power. If your body is tense, you can’t release its power. Secondly, tension uses energy, and this will deplete your reserves.


Do push-ups – People who do 100 push-ups a day punch significantly harder. You should practice plyometric push-ups. To do these, explode as you push upwards and lift your hands off the ground. As a variation, you can clap your hands as you lift off the ground.


Breathe – It is vital not to hold your breath. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth as you punch. Practice diaphragm breathing. Instead of breathing only with the top part of your lungs, you breathe deeper using your diaphragm. So, you should expand your lower abdomen to expand all parts of your lungs.


Use every part of your body – Put more of your body mass into your punch. Punching should involve your arms, elbows, shoulders, core, spine, legs, and hips. You should avoid leaning forward and keep your back straight. Keep your hips slightly forward and rotate your hips as you punch. Also, you should pivot along the axis of your spine and let your shoulder move forward. Punch through your target, but don’t overextend.


Shadowbox – Shadowboxing will help you focus on proper execution and technique. Practice in front of a mirror, and punching power will increase as you perfect your technique.


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