MMA Manhattan : How to kick stronger
MMA Manhattan : How to kick stronger



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MMA Manhattan : When you think of karate moves, kicking is one of the most common ones that come to mind. Because of the dramatic look of karate kicks, they can seem tricky to master. Practice in class will provide the tools for better kicks, but you can do other drills too.


Tips for stronger karate kicks


When looking to improve the kicking technique, there are several elements. Firstly, core exercises are essential. A strong core provides stability. You need a stable platform for power, so it’s a big part of kicking. Leg strength is necessary, but so is flexibility. Working on these essential elements will help to refine the technique and style of karate kicks.


Some useful karate kick strengthening drills include moves that work on the legs, core, and improve flexibility.


Leg strengthening moves


The leg muscles will need to be strong to add power to a karate kick. Creating strong muscles doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have big leg muscles. Stronger muscles are good, but going too far can limit movement. During kid’s karate classes, there will be plenty of moves to increase leg strength. You can also do extra training at home with steps such as:


  • Lateral box jumps – using a sturdy box as a platform, jump from the floor onto the box from the left side. Jump off the platform to the right and repeat.
  • Butterfly lunges – start by standing in a lunge, jump and switch legs while in the air, landing in an opposite lunge and repeat.


Core strengthening moves


As we already know, a strong core is essential for improving karate kicks. There are plenty of great exercises for improving core strength, including:


  • Plank
  • Sit-ups
  • Bridge
  • Bicycle crunch


Flexibility training for karate


Getting a full range of motion will add power to the kick. A stronger kick needs energy, but flexibility helps to kick higher. You will see moves in class that will help to stretch the legs and increase mobility. Practicing in the dojo will help, but home drills are beneficial too. You can do:


  • Leg spreads – sit on the floor and spread your legs as far as possible, then lean forward to feel the stretch.
  • Hurdler stretch – stretch one leg out in front of you on the floor with the foot of the other leg pressed against the inner thigh. Bend forward and extend your arms out to touch the foot of the straight leg.


Training for stronger karate kicks


All of the above exercises can take place in kid’s karate classes. The instructors will be able to take your child through each move. It will not only make sure their technique is right but will help prevent injury. MMA Manhattan