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Martial Arts : In Karate tournaments or Kumite, the objective is to win the match by scoring points. The system awards points using different factors, such as form and timing. As your child gains more knowledge in karate, they may wish to start competing. Here we take a look at how to win karate competitions. 


Karate tournament points system


During a karate match, the official’s award points to the competitors. These points are not just for striking an opponent but also a look at technique. Attacking techniques give the fighters one to three points and are as follows:


  • Three points – kicks to the upper level of the body or a move on a thrown or fallen opponent
  • Two points – kicks to the mid-level of the body
  • One point – punches to the mid or upper body section 


In karate, you can win a match in several different ways. If you achieve an eight-point lead, the match ends, and you are the winner. If a fight finishes and no one has a lead of eight points, the highest number of points wins. You also win if your opponent becomes disqualified or is unable to carry on in the fight.


Should a karate match end in equal points, it goes to the referee and three judges to determine a winner.


Top tips for karate tournaments


Depending on the tournament, you may have to compete in a high number of matches. To win the karate tournament, you must:


  • Be fit and ready – you will need a lot of energy for a competition, therefore, conditioning and fitness are essential
  • Mentally prepare – having a strategy and overall plan for a tournament will help you focus and keep going
  • Never give up – even when an opponent gets ahead or wins points, don’t give up
  • Keep a good guard – don’t leave yourself open to your competitor, keep your guard up 
  • Do what is necessary – if a single move will win points and the match, don’t use multiple steps
  • Always look to improve – analyze your last fight in the tournament for improvements in the next match


At Karate City, we use a training system that incorporates all of the elements of karate. The training includes strategy, self-analyzing for improving techniques, and conditioning. Igor Dyachenko knows that applying his experiences in matches works on all levels. Although your child may not be competing, everything we teach in class is useful in future competitions and life. Martial Arts