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Martial Arts UWS Kids : Health and karate go hand-in-hand, so healthy eating is one element your child will learn about. Starting healthy eating habits early will hugely benefit your children. They will adopt these habits and experience a longer and healthier life.


Healthy eating habits


Karate is a physically demanding martial art, and so diet is crucial. Poor eating habits will affect your child’s performance and recovery, as well as their concentration. It is easy for us all to understand that poor fuel equals poor performance.


So, what constitutes healthy eating habits and healthy foods? Eating raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables will add fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to your kid’s diet. Your child can drink natural fruit juices to boost their energy, and these are rich in antioxidants and macro-elements.


Unhealthy eating habits


Unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy foods will make your child feel sluggish, unmotivated, and lazy. So, your child should avoid fast food, processed foods, and fried foods when possible. Your child should also avoid foods that contain high levels of sugar. A high-sugar diet can lead to your kids developing diabetes or other health conditions.


You might spot signs of your child having an unhealthy diet. You may notice your child has a poor attention span, lack of energy, and poor behavior. Also, you may also see signs of poor performance in school.


Igor Dyachenko’s diet


For more than two decades, Igor Dyachenko has been researching physiology and experimenting with his diet. Today, he is primarily a raw vegan for 95% of the time. Of course, your children will want to eat other food types from time-to-time. Even Igor admits that this is acceptable, realistic, and unavoidable.

The most important thing for your child is to adopt healthy eating habits early. Choosing organic, pesticide-free foods is the best route for long-term health. Karate City instructors will guide your children and offer diet advice. Martial Arts UWS Kids