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Martial Arts Upper West Side :  Our karate school helps with your child’s development in many different ways. You may see that your child behaves during karate school and wish to bring that behavior home. So, what should you do when your child doesn’t behave?


The first thing to do when your child does not behave is to establish rules. Rules are crucial because your youngster may not know what is and is not acceptable behavior. You can start by building the rules of the family.


The Super Nanny show highlights one technique that you will find extremely useful. Super Nanny suggests that you write your rules on a wall so that your children can see them. You could write out the rules and use a fridge magnet to pin them to the fridge door. If you have a notice board in your home, then this is another place to pin or write your rules.


You will notice that the karate instructor starts training your child by laying out the rules of the dojo.


Responsibilities and rewards


When you link responsibilities to rewards, you are teaching your child that specific actions result in something positive for them. You should set out the tasks you want the child to perform. You should also set out what the reward is for carrying out those responsibilities.


You can structure the responsibilities within a schedule that apply daily. Your children will quickly become familiar with the overall structure. Structure gives your children the tools to know what to do.


The responsibilities that you can think of giving your child include homework and chores, as well as karate practice sessions. Rewards can consist of healthy snacks, excursions, TV time, and gaming/smartphone time, as well as vital praise.


In the karate school, your child is always working towards a goal and reward. Martial Arts Upper West Side