Martial Arts Upper West Side: How to develop proprioceptive system?
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Martial Arts Upper West Side: Karate City Parent’s Insights.


(Part 1)


  1. Martial Arts Upper West Side : Muscle development through physical education. Movement, muscle development, and automation of movements help to form a map of the body. The more physical exercises a child performs, the more accurate the map of the body will be.


  1. Words and verbal constructions (verbal mediation) help the child to develop control over his body. The brain needs to know the name for each body part. Check if your children know their body parts. You can introduce children who are older than five or six years old, with more advanced terminology, such as: the calf muscles, ankle, shin, thigh, and not only limit them with: shoulder, elbow, hand, etc. And that’s another benefit; we are expanding our children’s vocabulary.


  1.  Coordination. The coordination between various parts of the body will also help to form a map of the body and develop a proprioceptive system. Our goal should be to help children effectively (consistently, coordinately, optimally) perform movements/exercises. Martial Arts Upper West Side