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Martial Arts Upper East Side :  Choosing karate training for your child will help them to develop great flexibility and fitness levels. There are some exercises and moves that can be done at home too. Continuing with practice and training both at home and dojo will advance your child’s karate skills.


Does my child need to practice karate between classes?


Training doesn’t have only to take place in the karate school, or dojo. By exercising and practicing each day, your child will reinforce what they have been learning in class. This is particularly helpful for exercises that they may have found challenging during lessons. The instructor will be able to point out any areas of improvement and consequently give tips for home exercises.


Your child may be attending classes a couple of times a week. Adding home practices is an excellent way to maintain fitness levels and develop karate skills. Consistent training at home will keep the moves fresh in their minds. This helps them to master the steps and keep progressing in the sport of karate. The more fuel you put in a rocket, the higher it goes and the faster the moves become familiar.


How does karate homework help my child?


Consistently training, whether at home or at the dojo, will reinforce the moves within your child’s mind and muscle memory. Training at home between lessons will help their overall feeling about karate training and keep their mind and body ready. Merely training in the class is not enough because consistency helps to build the habit of exercise. Creating a regular time each day to practice karate will also help with discipline. Taking your child’s energy and focusing it on exercise will help them to find balance in their day.


We recommend karate homework because:

  • Home practice helps improve moves your child finds challenging

  • Consistency helps create the right mindset for training

  • It reminds your child of tips and exercises from the instructor


Practicing certain moves and focusing on anything that the instructor has shown needs improvement will keep the skill level moving. Progress in karate will be consistent if your child continues with what they have been doing during class. Martial Arts Upper East Side