Martial Arts UES : What is the best age to start karate?
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Martial Arts UES : Questions and answers at Karate City


Martial Arts UES :  Karate provides excellent structure and promotes good habits. You may be wondering what the best age for a child to start karate is.


Karate can be a superb choice to help your child gain confidence, become fitter, and learn skills that can help in aspects of their life. Every child is an individual and will develop at their own pace. While one child may seem ready to start training at a certain age, it doesn’t mean every child of that age is the same. 


While there is no set answer to what age your child should start karate, there are some things that you can bear in mind:


  • Every child is different

  • Some activities can start from birth

  • Karate City program starts with children from 2.5 years old

  • Some children may be ready as early as 2 years old


Specific movements, stretches, and activities can begin from birth. These will prepare a child to start training in a karate class with an instructor. 


Is my child old enough to do karate?


Starting any activity as early as possible is a good idea. It will give your child the chance to progress as much as possible in a particular sport. The classes at Karate City start at 2.5-year-olds and up, although training can start at any age for some activities.


It’s all about creating the right mindset and instilling the best philosophy in the child. If the focus is only on winning and that this is the ultimate goal, setbacks will be hard to handle. When a child realizes the long-term goals of what they are doing, challenges becomes a lesson. This will help them to remain enthusiastic in class and keep the focus on their goals. Martial Arts UES