Martial arts school UWS: The impact of Karate on children
Martial arts school UWS Karate City



Martial arts school UWS: Karate City Parent’s Insights


Martial arts school UWS : Masters of Olympic karate in Karate City center provide classes in accordance with a graduated system of training. A system that will contribute to the harmonious development of your children. Karate impacts tremendously on the following:



  • Comprehensive and harmonious development of functional and physical qualities (strength, speed, flexibility, dexterity, endurance);
  • Development of the flexibility of the nervous system and its coordinating mechanisms;
  • Local impact on various muscle groups, joints, ligaments, that develops motor qualities and fills the gaps in physical development;
  • Harmonious development of physique and posture;



In addition, we draw your attention to the fact, that Karate contributes to the development of reaction times and the ability to focus and balance. Martial arts school UWS