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Martial Arts School NYC : Karate City Parent’s Insights



Martial Arts School NYC :  The Karate City Olympic Karate Program is extremely popular with both adults and children. This is not surprising, with many people finding inspiration from karate’s inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Karate City Olympic Karate Program


Karate City has a unique approach to training that has a keen focus on personal development. There are many elements of our Olympic karate philosophy. These cross the borders of the dojo, and out into the real world.


First of all, you will be learning powerful karate techniques for self-defense. However, running in parallel to these are many other benefits. The physical benefits you will enjoy, include an improvement to your health and strength, as well as your flexibility.


Hand in hand with the physical benefits you will experience are mental strength and mindset improvements. Hence, the more you follow our approach to Olympic karate, the more pronounced these become. Your self-discipline, self-respect, and mental posture all increase.


You will follow the Karate City roadmap, which details a structure of goals and milestones. As you progress along the roadmap, you will learn the karate fundamentals. A reward of karate belts signifies your achievement through mastering skills.


How Olympic karate benefits children


Our Olympic Karate Program is a more effective way for your children to train. Over many years, the refinement of Igor Dyachenko’s methodology now helps your children develop quicker. So, children who train using Igor’s method are happier, more energetic, and have better focus.


Inside and outside the dojo, your children will begin to show telltale signs of their faster development. You will notice that their problem-solving skills are better due to karate training. They understand the life-skill of hard work resulting in reward and achieving their goals.


When your child follows our Olympic Karate Program, their behavior improves. Above all, they become better students in school, which sets them up for a successful and productive life. Martial Arts School NYC