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Martial Arts School Manhattan : Karate City Parent’s Insights


Martial Arts School Manhattan :  At Karate City, we want to help each student live their lives according to the philosophies of karate. While we will help them to increase their fitness, we also promote ethics and good values. Behavior outside of the dojo is just as important as what happens when in school.


Etiquette rules when outside the dojo


As we teach the core values of karate as well as the martial art, your child will start to apply these values at all times. The respect and control they adopt in the dojo will become a useful tool in all aspects of their daily lives.


In our program, we don’t teach karate only to achieve a particular mark or get a certificate. Conventional education works this way, but we do not. We bring focus to personal development and improvement. Our students know the value of the skills they are learning. The understanding of the martial art and the protection this affords them makes them respect the teachings.


The students know that such skills require proper handling and control. We don’t brag about the karate moves we know and your child will adopt these traits too. As we promote respect, power, and focus in each class, these become second nature. Therefore, the teamwork we teach in the lesson will also help your child outside of the dojo too.


What will my child learn at Karate City?


We know that regular physical activity is an excellent thing for any child. However, at Karate City, we believe in providing skills for life as well as teaching karate. The principals and rules we follow in the dojo are also good ways to conduct yourself daily. As your child continues to attend our classes, the respect and core values we teach will become part of their mindset. We will teach your child:


  • The importance of teamwork

  • Respect and control of their karate skills

  • Respect for elders and the experience they have

  • It is vital to help younger students and those with less experience

  • Individual development without comparison to others


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