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Martial Arts Midtown West : Be healthy and be together – We live in a world where we spend much of our time separate from our children. You may work long hours, work the night shift or weekend, or travel for work. Your children may spend their time with a nanny in daycare or already attend a school or a preschool.


In addition to these reasons for being away from the family nest, there are many distractions within your home. It is all too easy for a family to sit in silence, watching TV, or using your smartphone. You might even find that you spend time in different rooms of your home. Your children may go off to play games on the internet or a gaming console.


This creates a challenging environment in which to build family unity, bond, and spend quality time together.


The path to the family bond


Few sports are appropriate for children and adults to participate in together. However, finding a sport that will engage all family members is not impossible to find. Karate, however, is one sport that is perfectly adept at letting you train alongside your children.


“The family that trains karate together stays together.” – Igor Dyachenko


At Karate City, children can train with their parents through the Family Program. These lessons will help your family bond together as well as find a single unity. Participating in family karate creates a regiment where you are together, two, three, or more times per week.


There really is no better sport for bringing you and your children together. And most importantly, you are working together on a common goal. Learn self-defense, become the best version of yourself, and have a healthy and productive life.


“Other sports have you sat on the sideline. Whereas karate makes every family member part of the team.” – Igor Dyachenko


The benefits of family karate


Family karate is extremely rewarding for you, your partner, and your children. Here we highlight the benefits of family karate:


  • Motivation – Your children will enjoy an extra dose of motivation, which is excellent for unfocused kids. Don’t forget to praise your child after each karate class.
  • Bonding – You can bond with your children while you warm up and perform strengthening and conditioning exercise.
  • Role model – If you have a toddler, then he will look to you as a role model. What you do, your child will follow.
  • Learning – As a parent, you will feel great in the knowledge that you are part of your child’s learning experience. You can train with your children at home, which will also contribute to your child’s good behavior.
  • Fitness – When you take family karate lessons, you don’t need a babysitter, like when you go to the gym.
  • Respect – Karate teaches discipline and respect between family members.


“Even the journey to the dojo is valuable time to spend with your children.” – Igor Dyachenko


How to practice karate with your children


It is time to develop your confidence, improve your skills quicker, and reach goals sooner. So, here are our top six tips for practicing karate with your children:


  1. Take a moment – take advantage of free time, even minutes, when the opportunities appear
  2. Keep things simple – keep it fun, smile, laugh, and focus on your connection over perfection
  3. Get out and about – family karate practice can happen anywhere such as in the park or during a country walk
  4. Make it fun – think wax on and wax off by making chores creative and have meaning
  5. Encourage dialog – support your kids by asking if they understood everything from their last lesson
  6. Celebrate – create a family tradition of celebrating your successes


Family karate classes will help your family build lasting memories. When it is time to get passionate about something, Karate City encourages you to do it together as a family. So remember; be healthy by being together. Martial Arts Midtown West