Martial Arts Midtown East : Do you know how to rest in karate ?
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Martial Arts Midtown East : In any form of physical training or sport, a balance of rest and exercise is essential. The process the body goes through during karate helps muscles rebuild stronger. Training regularly is good in martial arts, but rest days are just as important.


Why we need rest in karate


The physical training of karate is demanding on the body. During the class, we train to become stronger and faster than before. We work on learning the best range of motions and specific strikes to increase their effectiveness. Practice makes perfect, but rest also helps with muscle memory. Continually doing the movements without rest can have a negative impact. Firstly, you run the risk of overtraining. Secondly, resting allows time for reflection so the mind and body can take the moves into memory.


Karate is all about balance, and this also applies to rest. We learn to listen to our bodies so we can avoid injury or burnout. Overtraining muscles harms the body. The symptoms of overtraining include:


  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decrease in performance
  • Mood swings


In kid’s karate classes, it is even more critical to maintain the right balance. A developing body benefits significantly from physical exercise, but too much is not good. Our instructors help each student to attain the right balance between karate training and rest.


During the lessons, students will have periods of both activity and rest. They learn from this and adopt the strategies to help them with recovery and muscle memory.


Relaxation in karate


If a student overtrains, they will find it difficult to relax. When someone is not able to relax, they become stiff and unable to execute moves properly. Rigid posture is not good for karateka because it increases the risk of injury. Learning to relax is a vital part of karate lessons. Our students will learn about the core principles of martial arts. A mind and body in harmony make for a much more effective striker.


Igor Dyachenko knows that karate training is not merely a physical activity. The program at Karate City promotes a healthy body but also a healthy mind too. Martial Arts Midtown East