Kids Martial Arts School UES : How many times should you go to training?
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Kids Martial Arts School UES: Questions and answers at Karate City


Kids Martial Arts School UES : Training in karate will help your child increase their fitness. However, it is vital to maintain a balance in physical activities.


Karate classes for kids give them the chance to learn new skills and create healthy habits.  Physical activities are great for your child but overtraining can have a negative effect. The Karate City program makes it possible to train once a week, although twice a week is more effective.


Why training twice a week in karate is ideal as an introduction?


As an introduction to the sport of karate, twice a week is an ideal amount of training sessions. Training twice a week allows your child to progress in the sport without risking over-stressing joints and muscles.


Once training has been ongoing for two years, sessions can increase to four times a week. As a child moves up the belt ranks, more exercise can become part of their weekly routine. At red belt, we will train five times a week for the best results. As a general rule, training in karate for children usually:


  • Starts with training twice a week

  • After two years of karate training, sessions increase to 4 times a week

  • Red belt training – up to 5 times a week


What is the right amount of kids karate classes each week?


As your child becomes fitter and achieves each new belt, the number of training sessions will increase. We treat each child as an individual and training follows the recommendations of the instructor. 


The approach to karate training we use is personal to your child; therefore, not every child will take the same route. As they develop at their own pace, their training sessions will follow this. Kids Martial Arts School UES