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Kids Martial Arts School NYC : While some exercises are essential to keep joints flexible and fit, squats are one of the most important. The legs are in use a lot during karate class, but this isn’t the only reason doing squats is essential. These exercises are not just for physical benefits to the body but mental and emotional advantages too.


What are the benefits of doing squats?


As one of the largest muscles in the body, doing squats is an excellent way to improve leg strength. The physical benefits of doing squats include:


  • Improves muscle tone

  • Increases blood flow

  • Improves balance

  • Enhances overall fitness


The movement of the big leg muscles helps to tone and condition the thighs. Focusing on the legs is crucial as they hold the whole weight of the body. The squatting moving also activates the lower back muscles creating a strong foundation. With better muscle tone karate training is more effective due to the fitness of the legs.


By adding squats into a daily exercise routine, the blood flow in the body increases. Getting the blood pumping is useful for many reasons. Firstly, it helps improve circulation, and secondly, it strengthens the heart. Regularly exercising with these moves can help reduce blood pressure as well as help the body manage insulin levels.


Why we use squats in kids karate


Apart from the many physical benefits of doing various exercises, we choose squats as a useful tool for other reasons. The emotional and mental health benefits of exercise are common knowledge. These are particularly useful for children. Squats are important because:


  • Increasing blood flow to the brain helps with cognitive function
  • Exercise releases chemicals that improve the mood and helps relieve stress
  • Doing squats helps to build strong muscles and bones


Exercise is a tool that has become prevalent in many professions. Teachers and doctors use squats and other activities to help children and adults. Experts across various fields agree that exercise can help autistic children or anyone that struggles with concentration or controlling emotions. As we exercise the brain release proteins that improve the structure of the brain and improve cognitive function. Kids Martial Arts School NYC