Kids Martial Arts school Midtown West: The importance for children not to compare to others?
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Kids Martial Arts school Midtown West: Karate City Parent’s Insights


Kids Martial Arts school Midtown West :  Everyone is different, and this is true in kids martial arts. Some children will be good in one area, such as technique, while other kids have natural strength. This is why your child doesn’t need to compare himself or herself to others.


The Karate City roadmap shows a journey that your child will follow. The karate roadmap also recognizes that everyone is different, with your kid already having their own views and experiences.


The karate roadmap will help your child focus on themselves. They will be improving their weaknesses while aiming to achieve goals, which include levels and karate belts.


The benefits of setting goals in karate


The benefits to your child in setting goals not only helps in their karate training. It also extends into other areas of your child’s life and their development. Above all, your child will learn to set goals and achieve them at an early age through training.


With this approach, your child will learn not to compare themselves to others. You child will also learn how to work towards and achieve goals, in all areas of their life. We encourage your child not to compare themselves to others with a negative mindset. However, we do promote the value of learning by seeing the styles and techniques of other children.


The benefits of setting goals include your child learning:


  • How to get from point A to point B
  • How to visualize achieving goals
  • To recognize their strengths and weaknesses
  • How to appreciate the process of learning
  • The value of hard work and commitment
  • How to overcome their fears


With this methodology, your kid will quickly learn to remove doubt, as well as build their confidence. Your child will know how to unlock their physical potential and also their mental potential.


Karate City encourages your child to reach their goals through positive encouragement. Kids Martial Arts school Midtown West