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Kids Martial Arts Manhattan : Karate City Parent’s Insights


Kids Martial Arts Manhattan : When your child joins our program at Karate City, they will benefit from much more than an increase in physical fitness. We take pride in providing a full program of karate that instills the philosophies of the martial art. Each student becomes proficient in the technical moves but also the principles that are the foundation of the sport. 


Etiquette rules of the dojo


Every lesson is an opportunity to grow, and each child will follow the etiquette rules of the dojo. Karate has many aspects that help to shape each facet of a person. Physical fitness is part of this, but the main focuses are respect and discipline.


While present in the dojo, your child will follow the rules of the school. These include the three bow rule to show respect and bring forth the mindset for practice. Each child wears a uniform in class. The uniform will be worn correctly and is clean for every lesson.


Your child will develop their understanding of the reasons we are training. Some parents have concerns about the improper use of karate. Our students understand that the sport is for personal protection and not something to play with. During class, we encourage self-development while also encouraging teamwork. While we may compete as individuals, we train as a team and consequently come together. 


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Developing the idea of togetherness helps individuals improve their skills. Those students with less experience can look to students that have been practicing the sport for longer. A student with more experience feels the obligation to help those that are new to the class. 

We strongly encourage individuals to be part of a team. We promote the ethical use of karate and treatment of others. Karate will give your child the confidence to protect themselves. They will also attain the wisdom only to use it when absolutely necessary.


At Karate City it’s not just about sport


When you choose to place your child in a Karate City program, they will enjoy the many benefits of karate. While their activity levels will increase, and subsequently they will become fitter, they will also:


  • Learn the value of teamwork

  • Adopt the ethics and values of karate

  • Gain confidence

  • Attain the maturity not to brag, play or show off karate skills

  • Be able to use their skills for personal protection


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