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Kids Martial Arts Lessons NYC :  When attending classes at Karate City, you will see that your child will bow during training. There are several reasons for the different bows during class. We use the three bow rule in the dojo to reinforce the basic principles of karate. 


Why we use the three bow rule in Karate City?


Karate has many facets and promotes certain philosophies; one of the most important is courtesy. In the dojo, we are teaching much more than sport. Karate, first and foremost, starts with courtesy. A bow represents this and shows respect to instructors, the dojo, and also other students.


You will see that your child bows at different times during the class; this is part of the three bow rule we teach. Each person bows:


  1. When entering the dojo

  2. As they step on the mat

  3. To the teacher 


Each bow represents different things and is also a form of giving thanks. The first bow comes when entering the school. This is a sign of gratefulness for the opportunity of training in the dojo. The next bow is as your child first steps onto the mat. Bowing as you come onto the mat is a sign of humility and gratitude for being able to train.


The third and final bow before training is for the teacher. The bow to the instructor is a sign of thanks for their dedication to the sport. It is also a way of thanking the teacher for a chance to learn from and train with them


Each student will also bow as they leave the dojo. A gesture that shows appreciation for the time the school and instructors have given them. The bow is not something we teach as a simple movement. Each time a student bows, they think about why they are doing it and what it really means. 


Why we bow in class? 


When a student bows during class, it is not merely a move that is part of karate training. The motion of the body shows respect and humility. A bow is a gesture of respect for dedication that a teacher has put into learning the skills of karate. It is a form of gratitude for the opportunity to learn from someone. We use this to show appreciation of the time they are giving. 

When your child trains with us, it is not just about attaining fitness. We teach them to respect and aspire to achieve the philosophy of karate. Kids Martial Arts Lessons NYC