Kids Martial Arts Lessons Manhattan: How fast can my child earn a black belt?
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Kids Martial Arts Lessons Manhattan: Karate classes


Kids Martial Arts Lessons Manhattan : Karate classes help your child grow and develop in a positive way. Your child learns essential life skills such as confidence, good behavior, and concentration, as well as having a healthy body. It is for these reasons that you likely wish to enroll your child.


However, your child’s motivation for taking karate is probably due to other reasons. Your child may like to socialize with other children taking karate, as well as wishing to earn a black belt. So, how fast can your child gain a black belt?


Karate milestones, levels, and classes


At Karate City, your children can join lessons from the age of 2.5-years. At this age, your child could earn their black belt in as little as 600 lessons. From the age of 5-years, your child might receive their black belt in as little as 500 lessons. 


Many other factors affect the amount of time it takes for your kid to earn their black belt. These factors include the number of classes your youngster will attend each week. Therefore, your child will develop their karate skills and learn at their own pace.


The Karate City program employs a structured approach that your child will follow. This roadmap to achieving their black belt includes many milestones and levels. Each class, your child attends, earns them ten points on this roadmap. As a result, these points are great for kids to see.


 Kids Martial Arts Lessons Manhattan


Our highly skilled karate instructors will aid your child’s development with personal tips and advice. First of all, we give your children homework so that they can prepare for the next lesson. We keep classes small, semi-private, or private, to ensure your youngster gets the attention they need.


Your child can start their journey towards a black belt with karate classesKids Martial Arts Lessons Manhattan