Kids Martial Arts Classes UWS: Equipment To Buy For Karate Training?
Kids Martial Arts Classes UWS Karate City



Kids Martial Arts classes UWS : Karate City Parent’s Insights


Kids Martial Arts classes UWS : When you decide to bring your children to Karate City center you should make sure that they have the correct clothing and equipment for training.


Above all is a gi: ankle-length trousers or shorts mid-thigh jacket and a belt are the most common requirements of Karate schools. The participants of championships and tournaments must only wear a white gi.


You should choose the density of a gi for reasons of quality and comfort. The denser the gi, the heavier it is. It is worth noting that a denser gi will remain in good condition for a longer period of time, but it will jeopardize the comfort and the feel of the correct movement of the practitioner.


For training, you also should have mitts or gloves and foot guards. Also, headgear and body armor (groin guard for boys and the body protector for both, girls and boys).


Please remember that good protective equipment does not restrict movement but protects your children from injury. Kids Martial Arts classes UWS