Kids Martial Arts Classes UES : What is the best duration of the training?
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Kids Martial Arts Classes UES : Questions and answers at Karate City


Kids Martial Arts Classes UES : Karate training is an excellent way of helping your child. It promotes focus and consequently creates good habits. However, you may be wondering about the perfect duration of training. 


The best amount of time for karate training


The amount of time your child will spend training will vary due to a number of factors. Their age will be a consideration due to the differing needs of various ages. Toddlers, for example, will not be able to do conditioning exercises as long as older children. A karate lesson consists of easily digestible segments. This approach helps every child focus completely on each task. The training session will include:


  • Warmup

  • Skill-building/conditioning

  • Games 


The duration of each of these parts of a class varies due to the age and experience of the child. Our toddler karate classes, for example, will usually have a 15-20 minute warmup. They will then do skills and conditioning with games towards the end of the session. As your child gets older, the skills and conditioning time will increase.


Karate competition training


The amount of time your child will train will increase if they choose to compete. An hour of training every day will achieve a competitive level of fitness. Moving up to black belt competitions will also increase training time, usually to 2 hours each day. Kids Martial Arts Classes UES.