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Kids Karate : Knee strikes can be devastating in a self-defense situation. It is for this reason that you will learn a range of techniques during karate class. So, how do you knee strike in karate?


A knee strike is a close-range blow. Because of this, it is a vital option you could use if someone has grabbed hold of you. In self-defense, you can target knee strikes towards the groin, quad muscles, ribs, and head, as well as the chin.


For forward attacks, your knee cap is the bone that you want to make contact with your attacker. For knee strikes that come round, it is the femur of the knee that you will use.


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You will notice that when your leg is straight that the knee cap is loose and can move around. Now lift your leg up and bring your heel towards your buttocks. You will notice that the knee cap is rigid. Hense, making contact when your knee is rigid creates a more devastating and powerful attack. This methodology will also ensure you don’t injure your knee.


To knee strike, start by standing in a neutral stance. Keep your body vertical without leaning too far backward or forward. As you bring your knee forward from the back, rotate your hip forwards. For maximum effect, you will need to master balance, speed, and power.


List of karate knee strikes


Here we have a list of the most well-known knee strikes. This list isn’t definitive of knee strikes. So, it will be no surprise to learn about other knee strikes and knee techniques in class.


  • Diagonal knee strike

  • Flying knee strike

  • Front knee strike

  • Jumping knee strike

  • Round knee strike

  • Knee drop

  • Knee thrust

Igor Dyachenko and the instructors at Karate City will teach you how to use your knees effectively. During kata, you will be able to simulate a knee strike and perfect the technique safely. Kids Karate