Kids Karate UWS: Do You Know What Neuropsychology Is?
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Kids Karate UWS : Neuropsychology is the organization of mental processes in the human brain. These processes can receive stimulation and development during children karate classes. The early childhood development and features of the brain affect the behavior as well as the personality of a child. This development in the brain continues as the child grows.


Neuropsychology studies:


  • How the brain develops
  • How the implementation of a variety of mental processes involve the brain
  • The childhood features of neuropsychology
  • How brain development injuries or disorders affect the psyche


How childhood development difficulties occur


Child-experienced difficulties in development can arise from:


  • Injuries to the brain
  • Trauma during birth
  • Early-age diseases
  • General anesthesia use


How karate and neuropsychology helps grow healthy and smart children


karate and neuropsychological correction can instigate rehabilitation. Through karate and corrective exercises, the child can overcome or cope with the consequences and symptoms such as:


  • Fatigue
  • Speech development delay (RUR)
  • Other speech disorders
  • Mental retardation (CRA)
  • Impaired memory, attention, or logical thinking
  • Gonty difficulties (small and large motility)


You may notice symptoms such as your child not coping with kindergarten or school studies. They can be distracted in the classroom, have difficulties writing, and forget what they have been told.


It is important to recognize that each child’s brain is different and most importantly, develops at its own pace. You will notice that the child has its own developmental characteristics due to this. With this in mind, the size of classes and schools cause a problem. Large classes make it even more difficult for children to get the specialist attention they may need.


Behavioral and emotional problems can exist. These difficulties are with communicating with adults and their peers, anxiety, bad classroom behavior, as well as fear.


Neuropsychology studies and karate


The link between children’s karate and neuropsychology have documented in several studies. Your child’s physical body is a direct connection to the mental and emotional areas of their brains. You can use this to benefit your child. Your child will be more confident and also self-aware because they practice karate.


Regular physical activity biologically affects muscle and organ responses, which in turn, alter the function and structure of the brain.


A recent study compared the motor abilities (coordination and strength) and cognitive abilities (attention, memory) in children. The children fall into two different groups. One group is sedimentary and the other group is active because they are practicing karate.


The children who partook in karate showed better motor abilities. Additionally, they also had a better working memory, executive functions, and visual selective attention.

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A second study looked at children who practiced karate three times a week. These children had improved attention and working memory due to this. As a parent, you will see other benefits such as improved behavior and concentration.


As a parent, the good news is that children with the lowest cognitive control will see the biggest benefit. Children from lower socio-economic backgrounds also see the greatest rewards, therefore karate is good for them.


An important point to note is that karate gives results that other sports do not. These other sports include team sports, board games, and also aerobic exercise.


Karate City karate classes, along with the knowledge of neuropsychology, can help children overcome emotional and behavioral problems. Kids Karate UWS