Kids Karate UES : What is the perfect duration of the training?
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Kids Karate UES :  Karate training can help with many aspects of your child’s life. Creating good habits and bringing more focus will consequently help them with many things. Giving your child the gift of karate training is a wonderful thing. However, you may be wondering how long they should train for. The amount of training can vary depending on the child. Here we take a look at the best amount based on age and skill level. 


Duration of karate training


The amount of time your child will spend training will depend on a number of things, such as their age. At Karate City we build our classes based on the individual. Toddlers, for example, will not be able to focus on skill-building as long as older children. 


A training session consists of easily digestible segments. We use this approach because it helps every child focus fully on every task. Each part of the class is engaging and just the right length to hold the attention of each child. The training session will include:


  • Warmup
  • Skill building
  • Conditioning
  • Games at the end of the training


How long each of these elements of the class will last is based on the age of the child. Our classes for toddlers will usually have a 15-20 minute warmup. After the warmup, there is skills, conditioning, and games for the rest of the session. As your child grows in skill level and gets older, the skills and conditioning time will increase. They will have a 15-20 minute warmup and then around 30 minutes spent on skills and conditioning.


Karate training duration for competition


You should consider if your child wishes to go into competition training. The amount of time they will need to train will increase because of this. An hour of training every day is best to ensure readiness for competing. The additional time spent will consequently help them achieve a competitive level of fitness.


As someone progresses in the sport and moves up the belt ranks, the competition training again will increase. Those competing at the black belt level will usually train for 2 hours each day for elite competitions. Kids Karate UES.