Kids Karate NYC: What if other children are more developed than my child in class?
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Kids Karate NYC : If you are about to or have recently enrolled your child in karate classes, you likely have many questions. One of these questions is sure to be what if other children are more developed than my child in class?


Karate classes inevitably have children in them that have different levels of ability. During your child’s first class, we teach them not to compare themselves to others ability. At those first few lessons, your child will see that everyone has their own strengths and gifts.


Your child might be more flexible than other children in the class. Alternatively, another karate student may be stronger in their legs. Everyone is unique, and every child will write their own story.


Karate City’s roadmap


Karate City has developed a roadmap that helps students focus on training, based on their own needs. The roadmap is full of challenges and goals for your child to meet. The roadmap creates a structured approach to learning, where students take one step at a time.


Your children will earn rewards with ten points given for every lesson that they attend. Along with points for learning skills and techniques, your child can see the progress they are making. While the points mount up, your child travels along the roadmap, towards the next level and belt.


The roadmap includes earning karate belts in the following order:


  1. White belt
  2. Yellow belt
  3. Green belt
  4. Blue belt
  5. Red belt
  6. Black belt


Parents and children can use the roadmap to achieve their desired results. This structured approach to training will teach your child that work and commitment link to reward and success. This will pay dividends in all walks of life, from the classroom to the home, and eventually, the workplace.


Students also learn mental skills such as discipline and respect, as well as responsibility.


Karate classes will help your child learn at their own pace and as a result, thrive. Kids Karate NYC