Kids Karate Midtown West : What to eat to recover faster and feel good?
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Kids Karate Midtown West :  Nutrition is always a hot topic when it comes to training and recovery. Nutrition is essential for you or your child if you want to get the best results. So, what should you eat to recover faster and feel good?


In general, you should choose plant-based foods for your meals. These include fruit and vegetables, as well as nuts. Of course, organic foods are best because these derive from plants that have grown pesticide-free.


When you eat more fruit and vegetables, you will add more fiber to your diet. You will also be eating foods rich in antioxidants. Raw fruits and vegetables also provide plenty of energy, which you will need to train hard in karate.


Changing your diet can leave you lacking macro elements. The best way to combat this is to drink juices to replenish your system with minerals and vitamins.


What foods you should avoid


Eating the wrong foods can leave you or your children feeling sluggish. Examples of these foods include fast food, fried foods, and foods containing high levels of sugar. Too much sugar in your diet can lead to health problems such as diabetes.


Igor Dyachenko’s diet


Igor spent 25-years experimenting with food and talking with experts and researches. Competing at the highest level, Igor knows what your body needs to reach the pinnacle of the sport. His diet is 95% raw vegan, choosing organic fruits, nuts, and vegetables.


The Karate City instructors can give you and your child nutritional advice. This will help you prepare for the physical demands of karate and other sports. Kids Karate Midtown West