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Kids Karate lessons UES : Kumite is a Japanese term for sparring. It widely used in most of the Japanese originated Martial Arts. In the Sport of Karate it is a whole disciple, a whole new different sport. The World Karate Federation has managed to create the Sport of Karate as one of the safest sports out there. How did they achieve it ? Well, it’s a lot of work and a lot of statistics which WKF has managed to use to regulate the sport.


The sport of Kumite has pretty strict rules, you require to follow 5 main scoring criteria without which the points will not be awarded. Each side wears different set of gear and belts, blue and red. The judges at four corners hold blue and red flags for calling the points. Masters at the Karate City school pay special attention to training Kumite techniques because the sport of Karate is a super demanding for the technique and precision.


Success in mastering the Kumite techniques is a determinant of winning the competitions organized by the World Karate Federation (WKF). The WKF holds sporting competitions with restrictions on the use of dangerous punches and combat activities. Competitors should be wearing a minimum of protective clothing during a match. Men and women will use gloves, shin guards and foot protectors during competition. Kids Karate lessons UES.