Kids Karate Classes UWS: What is the Neuropsychological Correction?
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Kids Karate Classes UWS: NeuroKarate by Igor Dyachenko



Kids Karate Classes UWS : At Karate City, Igor Dyachenko’s, neuropsychological correction work will help your child. But, what is neuropsychology and how does neuropsychological correction work?


In your child, their brain organizes mental processes and it is this organizational processes that we describe as neuropsychology. During the early years of your child’s life, development of the brain affects the personality and behavior of your child.


As your child grows, kids karate classes can stimulate the processes in their brain, in a positive way. Studies show that your child will develop better working memory. You will also notice a better attitude, as well as improved concentration and behavior.


The mental processes that neuropsychology correction will improve include:


  • Memory
  • Attention and focus
  • Thinking clearly
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Learning new things
  • Understanding new things
  • Patience
  • Communication


Neuropsychological correction work


Neuropsychological correction work involves the use of performing motor skills, along with breathing exercises. Your child will learn how to sense their body and above all take control of their movements. Your child will learn how to move clearly and smoothly, stopping and starting their movements in time.


The following processes occur during remedial exercises, in the brain:


  • In the early parts of your child’s life, remedial exercises will help the motor cortex to grow and develop.
  • The connection between the two hemispheres (halves) of your child’s brain becomes stronger. This is vital for them to achieve a harmonious mental activity.
  • Conducting the exercises helps to energize the brain, which in turn boosts mental performance while also accelerating mental processes.
  • During the time when your child is learning to control himself in motion, parts of their brain develop. These include the parts responsible for control, planning, and finally, programming. The skills your child learns now will be advantageous in any situation,


Karate City believes that movement and exercise is the basis for all mental processes.


Kids Karate Classes UWS: The supporting evidence for neuropsychological correction work


Scientists have identified some of the many benefits of neuropsychological correction work. Karate exercises:


  • Increase the blood flow to your child’s brain – Karate exercises encourage the brain to form more blood vessels. As a result, these arrange themselves close to each other. With more blood vessels, your kid’s brain will get more blood as well as better nutrition, which aids brain function. Your child will be able to think quicker, think clearer, and furthermore think for longer.
  • Decrease fat – Fat can clog up blood vessels. Decreased fat will ensure your child’s brain gets the blood and nutrients it needs. 
  • Affect chemicals in the brain – Exercise increases the amount of neurotransmitter fluid in the brain. The fluid helps nerve impulses travel faster. This improves the speed at which your child can think, as well as improve their memory and mood.
  • Improve brain plasticity – When brain plasticity improves, your child’s brain improves its ability to change or repair itself after damage.


At Karate City, neuropsychological correction work will help your children develop essential cognitive functions. Kids Karate Classes UWS